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Meet Mary Ellen Sellars, Traditions' May Resident of the Month! 

Mary Ellen was born in Cincinnati and grew up in the Bond Hill area. She attended Regina High School until graduation and attended Our Lady of Cincinnati, majoring in education.

Mary Ellen has lived at Traditions of Deerfield for nearly two years. 

Shortly after moving into nearby apartments, some health-related issues made me begin looking for Assisted Living. I felt guided to be at Traditions… everything fell into place from the finances to a smooth move-in."

Before retiring and moving to Traditions of Deerfield, Mary Ellen was a teacher for a short time, but her true calling was as an elementary school librarian. 

"I loved being an elementary school librarian so much, I would have done the job for free," exclaimed Mary Ellen.

"I married my wonderful husband, Charles, for 52 years. Charles was in law enforcement and eventually became the police chief for the city of Montgomery."

Mary Ellen and Charles loved gardening on their farm with their two children, Chuck and Paula. Chuck is a music teacher who has taught hundreds of students over the years, and Paula is the Executive Director of the non-profit Bounty & Soul.

When we asked Mary Ellen about her favorite hobby, she said, "Reading brings me the most enjoyment now. I used to love to quilt and sew, but arthritis has made that too difficult."

Having sung in choruses and choirs for most of her adult life, Mary Ellen also enjoys singing, saying, "It is what brings me the most joy these days."

Well, that and chili tasting!

"Chili is my favorite meal at Traditions of Deerfield. But I enjoy tasting different versions of chili whenever I go out to eat," said Mary Ellen.

Besides chili tasting at Traditions, Mary Ellen enjoys making crafts with her fellow residents. She especially enjoys crafts with Rhonda.

“Mary Ellen cares so much about her community,” said Kristen Kelly, Executive Director for Traditions of Deerfield. “She can often be seen volunteering at the front desk or helping to make our library better by adding or reorganizing the books. She always has something positive to say and is so friendly, caring, and helpful with other residents.”