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Core Values


Traditions communities will maximize the quality of life for each and every resident by providing the highest level of care and service.

Traditions, like many communities, has beautiful buildings with ample amenities. But our daily interactions with residents, the small acts of kindness and care, are the foundation of rich relationships and whole lives.


An organization’s culture is shaped by the attitude and behavior of its employees. Traditions are committed to hiring and retaining people who:

  • Get to know residents and their loved ones on a personal level.
  • Care about the needs of others and genuinely try to meet those needs.
  • Truly like people and interacting positively with them.


We believe resident quality of life is maximized when we promote the following values:


Service with dignity shall permeate all interactions we have with residents, families, fellow staff, and visitors. It includes how we address each person and respond to their requests and needs. We will honor the value of each individual life by displaying respect and dignity throughout our communities.

Important vs. Necessary

We must understand the emotional and spiritual needs of our residents and families, their likes/dislikes, and what makes them happy. Each person has a basic need for compassion and understanding, while many are not eager or may find it challenging to share their innermost thoughts, desires, and feelings. Our staff is trained to be watchful of opportunities to listen carefully when residents begin to communicate.

While necessary duties are a large part of our jobs, we cannot let them crowd out the opportunity for this vital interaction. Meaningful interactions may even take precedence over the necessary day-to-day duties of our jobs.


Socialization empowers and encourages residents who may be suffering from loss and depression to regain their zest for life. We encourage residents to get involved and take part in community events and activities.

Studies show that residents who interact socially focus less on health issues than residents who remain secluded. This interaction is also suitable for intellectual stimulation. In most cases, socialization also encourages physical activity.

Purposeful interaction with family, staff, and other residents promotes friendships and positive activities for both mental and physical health.


We encourage and empower residents to make their own choices whenever possible, including choices regarding food, showering, toiletries, clothing, hair, make-up, activities, sleeping, and TV.

Research indicates that residents need the ability to make choices regarding their daily lives and that this provides an ongoing sense of self-worth. We will offer residents as many choices as possible early in their day, encouraging them to stay mentally involved and communicative as their day progresses. Additionally, our staff learns more about each resident’s values and wishes, and can better serve them personally.


We are in the business of serving others. The residents of our communities expect and deserve the type of service delivered in 5-star restaurants and resorts. This kind of service comes from getting to know the people you serve, anticipating their needs and expectations, and exceeding them.

Serving the residents entrusted to our care with kindness and professionalism is an honor.

When we practice our Core Values, a culture of genuine loving care comes naturally. 

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