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Promoting Core Values in the Kitchen

Our Employees Practicing Core Values In The Kitchen

Traditions Management communities practice our core values daily to maximize the quality of life for our residents and provide the highest level of care and service. Our team members honor our values by recognizing important actions as opposed to necessary actions, serving with dignity, and building lasting and meaningful relationships with residents and families.

With these core attributes in mind, we proudly highlight the following members of our Traditions Dining team who have been promoted from within. Each of them allows our residents to share delicious home-cooked meals with friends and family, one of the simple pleasures of life.

Congratulations Lorenzo Wynn, Stephanie Sabin, Kelcey Worley, Brian Sauerland, Ericka Holman, James Krebs and Stephen Spyrou! We are grateful and blessed to work alongside you.

Lorenzo Wynn
Executive Chef / Traditions at Solana

Lorenzo started with Traditions at Solana two years ago as Lead Cook and has always taken the initiative and great pride in his job. He was promoted to Executive Chef at Solana last November.

“I wanted to show James and Fred, our Regional Support Chef and Regional Executive Chef, what I could do! I’ve received a lot of support from James along the way.”

Lorenzo is family oriented, hardworking and has a passion for serving seniors. His favorite meal is steak and potatoes, but he is experienced at creating a delicious variety of meals for his residents.

Stephanie Sabin
Executive Chef / Middleton Senior Living

After graduating from The Culinary Institute at Bradford, Stephanie started at Middleton as a night cook. Through additional training, education and experience, she worked her way up to Executive Chef.

“I’ve always loved to cook, and Traditions feels like a family. We all encourage each other to be our best. I’m really proud of my promotion, knowing I’ve grown and that this community trusts me to take on new challenges. I like knowing that I’m cooking for an important audience and a higher purpose.”

Kelcey Worley
Culinary Director / Traditions at North Willow

Kelcey has worked in restaurants most of her career. She was recruited by a former chef as a line cook, and less than two years later was promoted to Culinary Director.

“I’m extremely appreciative that someone saw potential in my work ethic and was willing to teach me and help me grow as a chef, but also as a person.

Moving into a new community can be tough. I want to reassure them and make them feel cared for in a personal and dignified manner. I also love to bake from scratch, something my residents really enjoy and appreciate.”

Brian Sauerland
Executive Chef / North Bend Senior Living

Brian has an Associate’s degree in Culinary Management from the Art Institute of Ohio. Chef John, one of his instructors and mentors, was responsible for recruiting Brian to Traditions of Deerfield as a cook.

“When Chef John asked me to come work for him it was with the hope I could move into the position of Executive Chef. Today, I’m Executive Chef at North Bend and I love the way the residents feel like family.

I’ve made it a policy with my staff that they sit with a resident in the dining room or after room trays are delivered to have a conversation. This kind of connection and attention is so important in showing how much we care.”

Ericka Holman
Executive Chef / Park Place Senior Living

Ericka has more than 15 years of food service experience, is ServSafe certified and began as a prep cook at Park Place. Shortly after, she was promoted to Dietary Manager, a promotion she credits to an environment of learning.

“People are surprised to learn I am also a Certified Nursing Assistant, something that gives me a unique perspective. Creating delicious meals is caregiving. I’m tuned into my residents’ personal preferences and I want to communicate thoughtfully with choices that keep them in good spirits.”

In addition to her promotion to Executive Chef, Ericka is also pursuing her Dietary Manager Certification and continues online classes.

James Krebs
Regional Support Chef  

James began cooking at a young age while helping his mom in the kitchen, and practiced the art at a local, upscale restaurant. He graduated with a Food and Beverage Business degree from Baker College/Culinary Institute of Michigan.

His restaurant experience includes the opening of a new restaurant in Muskegon, Michigan and serving as Chef de Cuisine at the historic Canterbury Hotel in downtown Indianapolis, where he created meals for distinguished guests like the Chicago Bulls, Danica Patrick, Peyton Manning and many more.

“Since then I have opened two Traditions assisted living communities and was promoted in 2017 to travel alongside our Executive Regional Chef to 12 of our communities. It is a privilege to provide the same hands-on, community-based support and mentoring that helped me advance in my career. It’s also a privilege to see our chefs interact with residents and make them happy.”

Stephen Spyrou
Regional Support Chef

Stephen earned his Culinary Arts degree from the Midwest Culinary Institute in Cincinnati. He was a finalist for the International Caterers Association CAITIE Best New Food Concept award in 2014, won the Victor Augutant Chef Professionalism Award in 2014 from the American Culinary Federation (ACF) of Greater Cincinnati and was the 2016 ACF Chef of the Year.

“Our chefs take the time to really listen to their residents and take their feedback, both in daily interactions and through our regular Resident Food Council. One of my favorite things to do is to take a resident’s recipe and prepare it for everyone.

We work together to share our passion for the culinary arts, learning from each other and encouraging personal touches to our menus. Our residents deserve exceptional service, choice and the connection that comes with sharing delicious meals.”

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