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Congratulations to All of our Business Office Manager Recognition Nominees

Recognizing Our Office Managers at Traditions

There are so many people who make it possible for us to care for our residents, primarily through a series of challenging years.

This month, we have chosen to recognize our Business Office Manager nominees, who have been instrumental in welcoming new families, residents and employees, keeping us organized and running efficiently and being a professional, kind and caring team member.

Please join us in congratulating the following nominees for their hard work, expertise and excellence:

Lisa Comer-Myers
Traditions at North Willow

Lisa started with us on July 6, 2020. She has been a wonderful employee from Day One. She is committed to North Willow and always goes above and beyond to be sure her department is running smoothly.

This past year has been challenging at times, but she always finds a way to get new employees in for timely orientation, which has been extremely important. We are so thankful for Lisa’s commitment and look forward to many more years of teamwork!


Tricia Mbaye
Oakwood Senior Living

Tricia is hands-down the most incredible person I have ever worked with in my career. She is hilarious, professional, organized and does whatever is asked of her. She goes above and beyond not just for me, but for every employee and resident in the building.

Here at Oakwood, we all have more than one job and she absolutely nails them all. She is the first person everyone meets when they come into our community and everyone adores her. Tricia is in charge of our orientation, and she gives our new hires such an awesome first experience with Oakwood.

Tricia is my right-hand woman and there’s no way I could do my job without her.

I basically share my office with her and we just laugh our way through every day. She has turned into one of my dearest friends and she deserves all the recognition for keeping this building together.

Kris Peters
Park Place Senior Living

Kris is the peanut butter to my jelly! She does a fantastic job at working one of the core values (important vs. necessary) daily, and this is not without the thousand interruptions she gets daily. I see her following that core value every day regardless of what is going on in the building.

Kris goes above and beyond to make sure our residents, families and staff are happy and satisfied. She is so knowledgeable about her position, does what is expected of her, plus a million more things, and always does it with a smile and with the utmost kindness and respect.

Kris is an INCREDIBLE asset to our team and conducts daily orientation, sets up interviews, answers all family/staffing questions and is the best Business Office Manager ever! She also doesn’t give herself the amount of credit that she is really due. None of us at Park Place would be as successful as we are without her touch, smile, laughter and everything else she brings to the table.

Kris is top notch in her position and rocks daily!! Thanks for keeping us laughing, smiling and going!!! Your team loves you! 


Kim Rine
Middleton Senior Living

Kim has been an amazing asset to Middleton. Her steadfast consistency keeps us on track. She is willing to help other departments when needed. We have all taken on extra responsibilities with Covid, and Kim has done her part by helping with greeting at our doors with a smile on her face, keeping track of supplies, and keeping our systems in balance. Each project she takes on with grace, while handling all the other responsibilities flawlessly.

We appreciate Kim being a part of our team and helping making Middleton a wonderful place.


Dusti Wears
The Bristol

Dusti has been working in the Assisted Living industry since she was 16 years old. She has worked in many roles, including being an RA, Activities Director, Concierge and eventually finding herself as the Business Office Manager. In asking Dusti to join The Bristol team, it allowed her the opportunity to open a new building in this role. She knocked it out of the park!

Dusti is a great advocate for our staff, a wonderful HR sounding board, organized to a fault and loves spending time with residents. She continues to want to grow and learn new items and has been such an important piece in ensuring we are compliant for Covid. She’s even our in-house crafter if we need help with special projects! I am so proud to have Dusti on The Bristol team!

Kathy Yorio
Traditions at Camargo

What I have to say here speaks to only a fraction of the value Kathy brings to our community. From an operations standpoint, she does it all. She is efficient and on time with reports, keeps the numbers accurate, manages the front desk and coordinates the weekly employee orientation.

Over the past year, I have also added the Covid testing and tracking, creation and updates of spreadsheet schedules for the clinical team, hours tracking, call-offs and so many more tasks that they cannot all be listed. At the same time, Kathy has the unwritten role of Community Counselor, the person who staff turn to to vent frustrations, and Kathy is always willing to lend a listening ear.

Kathy is kind to our residents, loving and caring of each and shows incredible respect to all staff. She has been a server, a resident assistant, housekeeper, activities assistant, all while being a wife, mother and grandmother.

Kathy epitomizes the Core Values of Traditions. It is necessary for all communities to have a Business Office Manager, but Kathy infuses service, dignity, socialization and choices into every day. I am happy to recognize her for the value she brings to our residents, community, team and company.


Janet Taboada
Traditions at Brookside

Anyone who knows Janet knows that she has the biggest heart of love for everyone. She has a way of making everyone feel special. Janet has been with Brookside since we opened and is a rock in the business office. Her willingness to help and go above and beyond is appreciated. She is always here, a very hard worker and brings sunshine and positivity.

Kim Hebauf
Traditions at Solana

Kim is organized, efficient, fun and compassionate. She is also the trivia queen! She brings humor and a positive attitude to all she does, never misses a deadline and helps all of us stay on target.

She is a multitasker who can change directions quickly. No matter how busy she is, no matter how simple or hard the request, Kim always has the answer, even concerning how to unlock a thermostat (amazing). She is knowledgeable about billing and has a GREAT memory. Kim is an integral part of what makes our entire operation run smoothly. She ensures nothing gets missed. She also sees the best in everyone and will always be your biggest advocate!!

I don’t think we could ever give Kim enough recognition for all that she does behind the scenes. Her co-workers describe her as a hard worker, a sweetheart, family-oriented, focused and she makes GREAT drinks!

Debbie Cantwil
West Park Place

Debbie has been a valuable team player at West Park Place for over two years. She had some big shoes to fill in replacing our BOM who was here for over 20 years before her, and she has done an amazing job in such a short time to leave her mark on our community and team!

Debbie will step into any department without hesitation. She is always willing to help where it’s needed and has such a willingness to learn all that she can about our community so she can be of assistance anywhere she is needed. Our residents and families love her and all that she does to help them with day-to-day needs and issues.

I have witnessed how she interacts with residents, families and guests and she lives our culture. One example that sticks out is with a resident recently who was very agitated and Debbie, with a very calming voice, took the time to understand what he needed and calm him down. That is just one example of how I see Debbie living the Core Values of Traditions. She shows dignity to these residents and recognizes where they are emotionally and physically.

I couldn’t ask for a better individual to be our go-to BOM at West Park Place!


Patty Eilers
Traditions at North Bend

Patty excels in her position. You will often find her working and late and doing what it takes to get the job done. As many of us are faced with staffing challenges, having Patty has helped us stay afloat. She has worked in the kitchen as a cook, server and helped out as an aide on the floor. Then there is Patty the loyal confidant and friend, my right hand. Thank you, Patty, for all you do. I wouldn’t want to work without you.


Dan Kaster
Traditions at Beaumont

Dan has been with Traditions since May 2019 and to say he has been an invaluable asset to our team is an understatement. Known affectionately as ‘Dan the Man,’ he is so much more than a Business Office Manager.

Dan has a warm smile, is a wonderful listener and always lends a hand. Not only is he dependable and hardworking, he consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty until the job is done…and the job is never done!

Dan, we love you and our Beaumont family would not be the same without you! Thank you for your tireless devotion to our residents and staff.

Angie Thomas
Traditions of Beavercreek

Angie Thomas has been the Business Office Manager since Beavercreek opened. She is the glue that keeps our community organized. If there is a question, the first response is normally “Have you asked Angie?”

Angie is quiet, steady and just what the office and this community needs. She shows up every day and can often be seen helping residents with things that are not ‘business related.’ Last Friday evening, on her way out the door, I witnessed her helping a resident learn the washing machines.

Angie, thank you for all you do in our community. You are the best!

Sara Childs
Traditions Management

We want to acknowledge and thank Sara for the support she continually provides all of our Business Office Managers and communities. She is always there to answer a question, work through an issue, dig in deep to determine the problem and, if need be, step in when a Business Office Manager position is open.

Sara does this time and time again with patience and with a smile. THANK YOU, SARA, for being da’BOM!


Teresa Wolfe
Ashton Grove Senior Living

Teresa is the perfect Business Office Manager. Her attention to detail in record keeping, financials and invoicing is flawless. She supports each department with enthusiasm and passion and is happy to jump into other areas of the community like activities, sales or memory care to help in any way she can. Our residents love her.

Teresa regularly encourages family and friends to check out Ashton Grove for their loved ones, even outside of business hours. She works very hard multitasking several roles and always gets it done, but still makes time to talk to residents who might walk into her office and sit for a while.

Teresa is also an incredibly talented, loving and caring teammate. Plus, she can cook! Our A-team would not be complete without her and we are so thankful she is at Ashton Grove.

Melanie Diamond
Apple Blossom Senior Living

Melanie has only been with us since January and she already brings so much knowledge and organization to this position. She’s always timely with every job responsibility and has done an excellent job.

Melanie is a true advocate for her residents and team members.

Santana Sawyer
Cherry Blossom Senior Living

Business Office Managers have one of the most difficult jobs. Santana performs the role with grace and dignity under fire, always while upholding our Core Values.

Santana cares deeply about our residents, families and employees.