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Meet Joe Sizemore, Traditions’ October Employee of the Month!

Joe was born and raised in Nashville, Indiana, which is known for its beautiful fall foliage and for being the center of the Brown County Art Colony. He has worked for Gentry Park Senior Living for nearly 3 years as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) on their weekend night shift.

Joe has been a CNA for 20 years. He began his career in skilled nursing, but when travel became too much, he found Gentry Park.

“I take advantage of Gentry Park’s weekend option, working the night shift, so that I can be a full-time dad during the week.”

Family is everything to Joe! He and Gracey, his girlfriend of 6 years, have 4 beautiful children – Ember (8 years), Kimberly (7 years), Nora (4 years) and Joe (3 years). 

“I love running my children to their activities…cheer clinics, and as the colder weather approaches, basketball,” said Joe. “I enjoy keeping the house in order while the kids are in school and look forward to family time in the evenings. When I’m not with my family or working, I love to draw.”

When asked what he loves about his job, Joe didn’t hesitate, “The residents are the very best part! I not only enjoy being their caregiver, but their friend [and family] as well. I visit everyone at least once during my shift. I value our conversations and being there for our residents, whether it’s for a good laugh or providing a shoulder upon which to cry.”

Joe went on to say, “I also really like the staff at Gentry Park. We are very close and work together as a team to provide amazing care for our residents.”

“We congratulate Joe on his service to our residents,” said Gentry Park Executive Director, Lisa Holstein, “He has been recognized by numerous residents for his customer service, consistency and excellent care.”