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Kindness Extends beyond Our 4 Walls

Pictured are Connor Isom, Claire and Sara Eckstrom
Pictured are Connor Isom, Claire and Sara Eckstrom

“On April 13th, shortly after 5pm, I was bicycling home from work and had a bad accident on Hastings Drive. Some kind person saw or found me, called 911 (I was unconscious) and let them know to come take me to the ER.”

That was Gentry Park Senior Living's Sarah Esckstom, our nurse, and Connor Isom, our receptionist!  The Traditions’ value of Service extends beyond the four walls of our building.  About a month later, there was a reunion between the staff, Claire and her bike! Claire asked to meet our staff members who were quick to assist her and get her urgent care.  Sarah and Connor were happy to meet her and see she was recovering from the incident.