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For Indiana Locations:

Dear Families and Loved Ones,

Government officials have begun to implement plans for re-opening state and local economies based on guidance from public health experts. While revised restrictions have been issued to certain business types, the mandates for senior living facilities remain unchanged.

Accordingly, we are prohibited from allowing visitation at the present time. We understand that this is a continued hardship on you and your loved ones, but we are committed to protecting this most vulnerable population as the country re-opens. We are also continuing all protocols to monitor residents and staff for symptoms of infection and prevent spread of the virus.

As always, the health and well-being of residents and staff is our top priority and we appreciate your cooperation in helping us manage this process. We will keep you informed of any updates from local officials that impact our precautions as we move forward.

If you have questions related to COVID-19, please email us at:

See how our communities are helping residents & families 

Traditions at Beaumont created some videos with greetings from residents to families: 
Click Here to WatchClick Here to Watch
Deb from Traditions at North Bend provided this video update:
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Pizza deliveries for Brookside home bound seniors and Thank you note:
Traditions at Brookside is here to help, watch their update videos & check out some of their photos: 
Click Here to Watch
Traditions at Brookside wholesome Easter video : 
Click Here to Watch
Family safely delivers birthday cheer to resident at Camargo:
Click Here to Watch the Video
Traditions at Camargo held an amazing luau:
Traditions at Camargo is here to help, here are some examples of what they're doing:
Ashton Grove is here for you, watch their update video:
Click Here to Watch
Check out this wonderful voicemail from a resident at Ashton Grove :

Community rallies to give Granville Class of 2020 a memorable send-off:

"With the help and cards provided by Granville’s “Just Write Fine Paper & Stationery,” a pen pal program is being initiated between GHS seniors and senior citizens at Middleton Senior Living."

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Church delivers smiles to Highgrove at Tates Creek with drive-by parade:
Click Here to Watch the Video
The team from Highgrove found this great creative follow up for prospects.  In a little local restaurant in Lexington they had hand towels with our tag line on it, "Love where you live." We bought several to send to prospects. It gives us an opportunity to share our values and what we strive for at Highgrove!
Highgrove is helping out with home deliveries!
Highgrove at Tates Creek cheered up residents with popcorn and songs:
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Highgrove loves maintaining contact with our prospects:
Family gives great performance for resident at Cherry Blossom: 
Click Here to Watch the Video
Traditions at Deerfield delivers a wonderful dance performance: 
Click Here to Watch the Video
Traditions at Deerfield is here to help, check out these lovely drawings: 
Ashton Grove is here to help our depositors, both near and far! Take a look at some photos:
Solana provided flowers to our seniors at home!

Recent Testimonials

"I just want to thank you again for the programs you put on once a month. Caregiving is challenging to say the least, but I've looked forward to every program you have done. The reason is that I always, ALWAYS learn something I can use. You present good speakers and you also allow the group to share ideas. It's been so very helpful. I can't wait for this sickness to let up enough that we can come to the meetings. I also appreciate the fact that, with this sickness, you've been nice enough to call and check on us, and to take the time with me when I need it. You give me good, useful advice. You truly are a blessing." Thelma T. 

"I would very much like to commend all of you on how you have handled the COVID situation. I cannot express my gratitude enough as a healthcare provider, for your hard work to follow the strict guidelines. The severity of this virus is unbelievable, and you all have done an outstanding job in keeping the residents safe. I realize this is not an easy task, as most of the residents do not understand the full process. We are so blessed to have our loved ones at your facility. There are some in town, as I'm sure you're aware, that are NOT enforcing protocol. I cannot thank you enough for going the extra mile in keeping our family safe!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Much love and appreciation." Leslie C. (RN) 

"Thank you, Kim, for the picture of Mom. She looks great, which makes us all feel better. It is a great idea to send these as it brings some peace to families in these trying times. We know Mom is in good hands! Our gratitude to everyone at Park Place who are providing care to our loved ones! Please stay safe and healthy. Blessings to all and hugs to mom." Cheri B. & Family

"Thank you for keeping us so well informed and for the incredible job you and your staff are doing for our loved ones in this very difficult tie. I am beyond grateful that you allowed mom to be off quarantine today. She went to lunch in the dining room to see her friends and played bingo. When I spoke to her after, she sounded better than she has in two weeks. You are all in my prayers! Take care of yourselves, please, while you take care of everyone else." Ann S. 

"Thanks so much for the update. But even more, thanks so much to you and your incredible staff for the heroic efforts you all are undertaking to take care of our loved ones and keep them safe. We couldn't be more grateful--THANK YOU! To all of you and yours: stay safe, be well and THANK YOU." Terry M. 

"I know that this is a hard decision. We so appreciate all staff that is doing this and the sacrifice they are making! If there is anything that we can do to help, please let us know. Again, thank you for all you're doing to keep the residents well. God bless you all." Steve and Beth F. 

"Staying on site is a great idea. Thanks for taking this step to keep our loved ones safe. Please pass along my thank you to your staff. I realize this is a sacrifice for them and their families. God bless." Mike F. 

"We wish to thank you and every staff member for the 'courageous and gallant' efforts being made for our loved ones! There is no way to express our thankfulness. We are so blessed that Roger, my stepdad, is there at Middleton! Many thoughts and prayers for you and your staff." Sue and Roger A. 

"Debbie, thanks for your leadership. We all certainly appreciate what staff must be going through. Please extend my thanks to all of the staff and let them know our thoughts are with them." Fred H. 

"Thank you for what you are doing. The preparation and management you all have done so far could not have been better. I am blessed my mom is at your facility." Eric Y.

"Thank you and your staff for everything you are doing." Billie N.Z. 

"Our prayers are with you all. We will be sending in treats for all of you and for Mom. We will call first and just leave them in the space between first two front doors. Bob and I are staying away from any facilities since we are considered elderly. We will use latex gloves when dropping stuff off. Thanks so much for all that you are doing to keep our loved ones safe! It is much appreciated. Loved the picture of Mom saying she's fine. Brought tears and a smile to my face." Debbie 

"I think of you daily. I know the craziness of what is going on right now has some very real challenges for you and the rest of the Middleton staff. My thoughts and prayers go out to you. The quality of care at Middleton was a step above and I know you are all striving to maintain that in a very difficult situation. I consider myself very fortunate to not be agonizing over how my mom is doing during this time of crisis. It's so crazy that now when so many have lots of free time, we can't use it to aid all of you. Although my free time ended a week ago when the group I volunteer with (Turban Project) got slammed with requests for face masks from all over the country, as well as requests for our patterns and other resources. Best wishes for keeping your sanity and staying safe. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

P.S. I still 'creep' on Middelton through Facebook...can't help myself. You and the entire Middleton staff are truly heroes!!! Thank you for going above and beyond to take care of your residents! What you do each and every day is truly amazing!!! There was never a doubt in my mind that you guys would do that...just another reason to love Middleton." Bet B. 

"Dear Shay and Kelsie, what a lovely thing to do--you sweet ladies know how to brighten someone's day. Thank you for the delicious surprise! Your gift package includes two quarts of tomato bisque: my favorite soup (how could you know that?). I enjoyed ham sandwiches for supper and such a favorite choice of desserts--YUM. You have fixed me up for days. When I get cabin fever, I go for a drive, then have a cup of tea when I get home. And I can have one of your treats while I read a good book. I am well. My prayers and good wishes include the staff and residents at Highgrove. Be well, good friends, and I hope it is not very long before I can be there, too." Jackie

"Thanks for all you do, and most definitely praying for all of you and staff during this 'more' challenging time." Chadd B. 

"My Dad and I certainly miss you and the wonderful staff. It is difficult not seeing my Mother, but we are so very grateful for ALL you are doing for her, and the other residents. When we have FaceTimed, she is well groomed and looks great. I appreciate the update when I call to check on her. Again, thank you!!! Please know we are lifting you in prayer every day. And all the staff and residents as well. This is a difficult time, but you are doing an excellent job in managing everything. Not an easy task. This too shall pass. With much gratitude and love." Debby F. 

"All the glory to you and your staff for the exceptional care you're providing our loved ones!!!" Cindy C. 

"Thank you for your great efforts to care for our loved ones in this very troubling time." Beth P. 

"Thank you so much for the update. Thank you to everyone at Traditions for their professionalism and concern for our loved ones. This means so much. I'm certain I am not alone in saying we are SO VERY grateful. You are the best. God bless.Janet K. 

"Thanks for all the efforts you guys are going through. I can only imagine what it must be like. You are appreciated." Craig C. 

"Thank you for your diligence." Patty H. 

"I have been meaning to send you this letter of thanks from the time my parents, Bill and Ramona L., moved into the independent living cottage at Traditions in Beavercreek in Sept/Oct of last year. I live Columbus, and my husband and I have visited as much as we can. We have been so impressed with the care you take with all your residents, and the kindness you give them. Because we live in Columbus, we can't visit as frequently as we would like to, but we are heartened by your care and extra help you provide residents (eg, the groceries in the Valley model home most recently), and that gives us so much peace of mind, especially during this troubling time with COVID-19. As a journalist, I write about health care issues, so I know you all are putting yourselves at risk every day, and that your energy and mental health are especially tasked at this time. Please know I am so very, very appreciative of and grateful for your love, attention and hard work. You are truly angels! Here is a virtual hug from a very grateful daughter and her husband." Lisa L.S. 

"Thanks for the great job you folks are doing communicating with families." Jim S. 

"I want to thank you. My father, Gilbert F., is a resident in your assisted living area. He has been sharing with me all that you and all of your staff and volunteers have been doing to ensure the safety of the residents there at Middleton. I cannot imagine the pressure you are all under. And the fact that staff and volunteers have volunteered to be quarantined there for safety of the residents is over and above the call of duty. I can't thank you enough for all that you are doing. I would have called, but I figured you are very busy. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you." Cindy R.

"Thank you for all you're doing to keep our loved ones safe!" Lisa K. 

"Thank you so much for everything you're doing for all of our families." Taylor S. 

"I am Ted and Sandy C's niece. I just want to extend my thanks and appreciation to the Traditions staff for taking such good care of my dear uncle and aunt and the other residents, especially during this critical time. I so miss seeing them, but I understand that keeping this population safe and healthy is of paramount importance. All of you are so critical to their well being. I am thankful and grateful for you. If you can, please commend everyone for the wonderful job they are doing. Stay safe and well." Denise C. 

"Our father, Tom (almost 92), has been a resident of the Memory Care unit of Traditions for more than a year now. Happily so. We are writing today in appreciation for the care that our father has received and to 'name some names.' Lucia and Lorenzo in the Overlook Restaurant: job well done! These staffers are always chipper and show a level of care not often seen in service industries. Cheryl at the front desk: keeps cookies coming and knows how to work the remote control in the theater (as well as anyone can figure it out). Doni, Abigail, Beth, Miranda, Gail (Gayle?): Diligent caregivers who quite frankly do the work that many could not do, for any wage. They make it look easy and maintain a great attitude. They always greet us with smiles.

But the one shining star that deserves special mention is Megan Clark in Memory Care. She is one-in-a-million. She is always looking for ways to improve life and care for the residents of memory Care and is making a difference that way. She regularly engages with residents in one-on-one discussions in a manner that shows that residents are more than a 'to-do list item.' She is genuinely empathetic. She always looks for ways to constantly improve the 2nd floor environment. When she saw our family members toting apples or bananas up to our Dad in Memory Care, she took note. One day she told John, 'it would nice for us to have our own fruit bowl up here.' She has since made that happen. A small thing, really, but quite indicative of her manner. Sometimes the smallest of gestures truly resonate the most with the residents of Memory Care.

Even in these very unsettling times, Megan has continuously reached out to us about our father. An example of her most recent of several communications since the Coronavirus restriction on visitors states:

'Hi Mimi! I wanted you to know that Tom is doing well. This evening we listened to Frank Sinatra, played a reminiscing game, and he is currently eating a snack and listening to hymns with the other residents. I am trying to give him extra attention, and he is being very responsive. He is very talkative tonight: ) I don't mean to overkill with giving you updates, but I do want to reassure you that he is doing well! Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions. Megan'

Most importantly, Megan leads by example as a servant-leader. She improves everyone around her. Job well done, Megan! Thank you for all that the staff named above, as well as others, do for our father and the other residents at Traditions at Solana." John, Mimi and Tom B. 

"Thanks for all you and the staff are doing to keep mom safe." Rhonda N. 

"Rain, sleet or snow couldn’t keep the root beer floats away!  The staff went way above the call of duty to get the treats to us."

Thanks so much,
Terry and Jinny

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